9 класс

ГИА 2013 г.- Демонстрационная версия
Стратегии подготовки  к выполнению заданий - ГИА 9 класс

William Blake - London-(video)
William Blake- London-(poetry )

ученикам 9 класса

Темы для обсуждения на 2013-2014 учебный год


·         What makes people risk their lives
·         What sort of a person can be an explorer
·         Why some explorers succeed and others fail
·         If it is important to explore new territories, why
·         If you would like to be an explore, why/ why not

Reading Books
  • Why people read books
  • What kinds of books you know

  • About your personal reading habits, explain your choice
  • If you agree with the statement that radio, video and TV have made reading unnecessary, give your reasons
  • About the books (characters which you keep in your memory, explain your choice)
The book I have recently read (Task)     Famous writers (mind map)
  • What kind of things you look for in a good story (plot, characters, humour, etc.)
Mass media
  • What the role of the mass media in our life nowadays is
  • What makes the news interesting

  • Your opinion about the guality of the news in our mass media
  • How people can be influenced by television
  • If the Internet is a great excitement or a danger for people, why/ why not
  • Why mobile phones have become so popular nowadays 
 презентация on- line Disasters

  • What is your point of view on family values
  • What the advantages of being the only child/ of having brothers or sisters are
  • What your plans for the nearest future are

  • What positive and negative features of your character are
  • What your interests and hobbies are
  • If it is important to have a close friend

  • If you think it is important to be well-educated, why

  • Name some reasons to go to school
  • If you are satisfied with your knowledge you get at school, why
  • How to choose a school for the children nowadays
  • If exams are a fair way of checking knowledge
  • What things in your opinion should be changed in modern school
 презентация on- line
For and against essay

Teenagers and relationship

  • What are the problems of young people
  • What kinds of arguments and misunderstanding can be between parents and children
  • What ways of solving them could be
  • If children and parents can have common interests, hobbies, activities, why/ why not
  • How teenagers can be influenced by their parents
  • Who can help teens if they get into trouble, why

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